Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mummy Dogs (aka Pigs in a Blanket)

Happy Halloween! I wish I had some more festive recipes for you—I've thought about it, I promise. It just never happened. But check out these, these, these, and these if you need some inspiration (and don't click here if you have morning sickness or a weak stomach).

But I do have one recipe for you. And I hate to admit this, but since I've been pregnant I've made pigs in a blanket at least three times. And not homemade at all...straight from a can of crescent rolls. Are you appalled? Because I am, slightly, well...not so much. ;) I think it's good to make easy dinners sometimes (or most of the time, like me now), for sanity's sake. And at least I used reduced fat dough right? And the last time I made them I used turkey dogs (healthy but gross—Angus Ball Park Franks are WAY better).
I jazzed them up for Halloween—mummy dogs! Aren't they so cute??

So here's a recipe that your kiddos will love (and the kid in you will love too).

Mummy Dogs

2 cans refrigerated crescent roll tubes (16 rolls), or breadstick dough
8 hotdogs
ketchup, mustard as desired

Unwrap crescent rolls. Separate each package into four rectangles (not separating dough on diagonal lines). With a pizza cutter, cut length-wise into 4–6 small strips.
Wrap the hotdogs with the dough, one rectangle of dough per hotdog, leaving a small opening for eyes to peek out.
Bake according to directions on crescent roll package, until golden brown.
Dot with two eyes of mustard! Serve with ketchup (blood). ;)

And here's a little creation of mine. I was being creative with vegetables. Cucumber ghost (with soy sauce eyes and mouth)!

Happy Halloween from Stew (left) and Lindsey (right)!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes You (meaning I) Just Don't Feel Like Cooking

You may have noticed the decline of yummy recipes being posted the past couple months. Life has not only been busy, but I haven’t felt like much of a foodie lately.

I don’t make delicious dinners anymore. I don’t EAT delicious dinners anymore. I don’t enjoy reading other yummy food blogs anymore. I don’t think about food multiple times a day—in fact, I try to avoid thinking about food as much as possible. I don’t have much of an appetite and I’ve just been eating what sounds good (so it doesn’t come back up), which is usually oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast, rice, cheese cheese and more cheese, quesadillas, bland pasta, baked potatoes, pb&j's, and...(gasp) even Kraft macaroni and cheese—two boxes in two days to be exact—I disgust myself (Stew had to stop at the store on the way home from work and pick up four boxes for me, because we’ve NEVER had this in the house). Soda for breakfast, or even at all? Never before now. Even if I did have an appetite, I’m too exhausted to cook a dinner that involves more than pouring pre-made sauce on chicken and sticking it in the oven (which is what I make for Stew most nights). I avoid nearly all vegetables and even fruit most the time! I don’t eat meat anymore, unless it’s shredded in (bland) soup or ground in (bland) pasta sauce. Grocery shopping now? Gag me!

What is wrong with me, you ask? Why the sudden dislike of food? Have you guessed yet?

There’s a bun in the oven! That’s right! And although this past couple months has been a little tough (for both me AND Stew—who’s wondering what happened to his foodie wife and the good dinners), I wouldn’t change a thing! Hopefully I’ll enjoy food again soon, seeing as I’m almost to the second trimester. Our little foodie is due May 10, 2011. We are SO excited to be parents!

Now you know (“and knowing is half the battle,” as Stew would say). I hope you can forgive me for my lack of blogging. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. Until then, why don’t you check out some pumpkin recipes from last year!

Thanks for sticking with us!

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