Mummy Dogs (aka Pigs in a Blanket)

Happy Halloween! I wish I had some more festive recipes for you—I've thought about it, I promise. It just never happened. But check out these, these, these, and these if you need some inspiration (and don't click here if you have morning sickness or a weak stomach).

But I do have one recipe for you. And I hate to admit this, but since I've been pregnant I've made pigs in a blanket at least three times. And not homemade at all...straight from a can of crescent rolls. Are you appalled? Because I am, slightly, well...not so much. ;) I think it's good to make easy dinners sometimes (or most of the time, like me now), for sanity's sake. And at least I used reduced fat dough right? And the last time I made them I used turkey dogs (healthy but gross—Angus Ball Park Franks are WAY better).
I jazzed them up for Halloween—mummy dogs! Aren't they so cute??

So here's a recipe that your kiddos will love (and the kid in you will love too).

Mummy Dogs

2 cans refrigerated crescent roll tubes (16 rolls), or breadstick dough
8 hotdogs
ketchup, mustard as desired

Unwrap crescent rolls. Separate each package into four rectangles (not separating dough on diagonal lines). With a pizza cutter, cut length-wise into 4–6 small strips.
Wrap the hotdogs with the dough, one rectangle of dough per hotdog, leaving a small opening for eyes to peek out.
Bake according to directions on crescent roll package, until golden brown.
Dot with two eyes of mustard! Serve with ketchup (blood). ;)

And here's a little creation of mine. I was being creative with vegetables. Cucumber ghost (with soy sauce eyes and mouth)!

Happy Halloween from Stew (left) and Lindsey (right)!


Anonymous said…
Cute! I saw the hot dogs on Studio 5, but they used Rhodes Rolls instead of crescent rolls. I like the crescent roll idea a lot better.
Suzi Q said…
I have to admit I've never had these, but this weekend they may be just what I need!

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