Pomegranate Seeds over Vanilla Ice Cream

Tomorrow is the first day of fall! Can you believe it?!

Stew's family celebrates the Autumnal Equinox by making homemade vanilla ice cream and topping it with fresh pomegranate seeds. It sounds so simple, but it is phenomenal (even with store-bought ice cream)!

[ photo found online ]

Some of the pomegranate seeds burst and color the ice cream, and some of the seeds slightly freeze. The fiber center of the seeds, which can sometimes be annoying and too crunchy, adds a nice texture to the ice cream.

Try it for the first day of fall tomorrow!

What do you do to celebrate fall?


janica said…
oooo that looks delicious, but i'm sad falls here. ha. maybe i'll try it anyway:)
Amanda said…
Caramel popcorn is one of the tastiest ways to celebrate! Your ice cream looks yummy.
Brenda said…
The "poms" and vanilla ice cream has been our family favorite for about 40 years or do..it's a taste of heaven!

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