Caramel Potatoes and Danish Christmas Eve Dinner

My grandpa is part Danish, so we make a Danish Christmas Eve dinner. My mom has modified it over the years, taking out the dishes she didn't like (like the pickled cabbage). We always include Danish Browned Potatoes (caramel potatoes—recipe follows), a nice tender pork roast (my mom puts it in the oven the night before around 200ยบ), green beans, applesauce (with red or green sugar sprinkled on it for festivity), and a sparkling drink. The caramel potatoes are a family favorite! I was glad to be able to share the tradition with Stew this year. He absolutely loved the potatoes! He took pictures of the steps, so I will share the recipe! I need to make these more than once a year!

Danish Caramel Potatoes

1 large can of whole potatoes, drained (we've found the store-brand potatoes aren't as high-quality)
1/4 cup sugar
2 Tbsp butter
* We ALWAYS use at LEAST four cans, so just multiply the recipe. We used seven cans this year!

Brown sugar and butter in a deep skillet over medium heat. This may take awhile.

See the dark runny caramel in the middle of the pan? It should all look like this before you add the potatoes.

Once the caramel is browned, add the potatoes (careful- they splatter! Don't burn yourself!).

After the potatoes are added, it looks like it won't work and the caramel clumps, but just be patient, the caramel eventually spreads. Stir the potatoes until hot and brown and covered completely in caramel. This is what they will look like when they're almost done.
* These potatoes don't make great leftovers, so eat up!

As usual, let us know if you make these! We'd love to hear what you think!


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