Rating: Cafe Galleria

Cafe Galleria is a small, authentic pizza place and art gallery on 101 W Main St, in Midway, UT. They serve authentic thin crust wood fired pizza that is worth the trip!

This restaurant has seating on the grass during the summer, and we didn't even go inside to see the art gallery. There was a musician playing the piano, which gave the place a great atmosphere. We ate with Lindsey's parents, so we tried four pizzas. Lindsey ordered the Margherita pizza, and Stew got the Sicilian. We also tried the Pepperoni and Chicken Margherita. They were 12" in diameter, and we definitely had leftovers! The Sicilian was our favorite! The salads we got were fine, but the salad Lindsey got tasted a little bitter, since it was made with just arugula. Overall, it was a fun dining experience! If you're ever in Midway, try Cafe Galleria!


Maggie said…
love this blog! You guys are so CUTE.

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