Kalua Pork and Tropical Ambrosia Salad

This meal couldn't be easier! If you've never tried Kalua pork, you're seriously missing out! Give this recipe a try!

Kalua Pork

Pork roast (any cut and size you prefer...to cut fat use a leaner center cut pork loin. Trust me, it still turns out plenty tender with the way I cook it!)
Liquid Smoke
Sea Salt (or regular salt)

For the best tasting roast, long and low is the key! Start the night before. My roast had been in the freezer. Take it out, rock solid, and place it in a pan big enough (mine fit in a 9x9), lined with 2 sheets of foil, criss-crossing (does anyone know what I mean by this? You're going to wrap the roast in it...). Sprinkle salt and pepper all over it, both sides. Pour 1–4 Tbsp liquid smoke over roast (depending on how big your roast is—some recipes call for the whole bottle!). Wrap roast in foil, leaving some space between the roast and the foil. Put it in the oven at 200º–225º around 11:00pm (or before bed). In the morning you should smell a slight pork smell (if you don't, turn the oven up to 225º or 250º, depending on what time you're going to eat it). Cook for 14–18 hours (I'm just estimating...mine cooked for about 17). Pull out of the oven and shred with two forks (it comes apart SO easily!). Make sure to “taste test” a piece or two to see if it needs more s&p or liquid smoke.
Serve with rice! ENJOY!!

I also made this ambrosia salad like we had at my parents’ a few weeks ago...I had totally forgotten about this!

Tropical Ambrosia Salad

Canned mandarin oranges, drained
Canned pineapple, drained
Banana, sliced
(any other fruit you like)
Shredded sweetened coconut
Sour cream
Miniature marshmallows

Mix all ingredients together. There's really no measuring, just do proportions you like. It's best chilled a little before. Done and done!

As always, let us know how you like the food! :)


janica said…
yay!! I'm excited for the cinny recipe:) thanks!

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