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Lindsey follows a design blog called Blonde Designs, who recently posted about a new restaurant, DW Bistro, which she designed the graphics for (logo, menu, etc). The simple modern design got Lindsey interested in the food, which also looked fantastic! Since we were planning a quick trip to Vegas, Lindsey begged Stew to go there; of course he obliged!

DW Bistro is about 15 minutes south-west of The Strip, and well worth the drive (even if you get lost a few times...not like we did or anything).

Lindsey got excited to eat right when we stepped inside. The restaurant is really modern and hip, using mostly a palette of orange and white. It feels fresh and fun.

Attention to detail is what makes this place feel so classy: matching flowers on the tables, contemporary artwork on the walls (by Pamela Nielsen), and unique lighting.
We opted to sit outside, since it was such a nice day.

So let's get to the food, right? Since it was Cinco de Mayo, they brought out complimentary chips and roasted tomato salsa. The salsa was different and SO good! Perfectly spicy.
[By the way, sorry for the bad photos, we didn't notice that our camera was on the wrong setting!]

It was hard to decide what to order, and since we knew we wanted to blog about this restaurant, we didn't order their Cinco de Mayo specials (although the jerk pork tacos were super tempting).

Lindsey ordered the Jerk Chicken Salad (which she was told was a favorite) with a creamy avocado vinaigrette that was unique and tangy and oh-so-good.
Stew ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich (with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo), which came with sweet potato fries.
While we were enjoying our meal, Bryce (owner) came over and chatted with us. He asked how we found out about DW Bistro and was excited when he found out it was from Angie's design blog. He brought the executive chef over, Dalton Wilson (maybe that's where DW comes from?) to meet us too. Dalton has lived in Jamaica and New Mexico, and both places influenced the menu. What a unique spin! They were both very nice and we talked to them for a while.

Our waitress kept reminding us to save room for dessert. Since the portions weren't huge, we definitely had room (although, isn't there always room for dessert?). Bryce and Dalton suggested the carrot cake or lemon lime pudding for dessert. We would have gotten both, but decided to be modest (ha) and share the carrot cake.Let's have a moment of silence for this carrot cake.




The BEST carrot cake we've ever had. Small chunks of carrot (obviously) and pineapple throughout the moist spice cake. Not just one, but TWO layers of melt-in-your-mouth-whipped-with-tender-loving-care cream cheese frosting. Top it off with a few shreds of fresh carrot (which we totally didn't mind eating with the cake) and RASPBERRIES (who would have thought?) and you've got the perfect dessert.

Finished off the meal with some Jamaican mints (the ginger flavor was surprisingly good!).

So after all that, here's how we scored DW Bistro:

Probably the highest score we've given a restaurant!! Service didn't score 100% because the server seemed...new. As for the price, I guess we're just used to Utah prices. However, the quality of the food far outweighed the quantity, and we feel that the price fit the high quality of the food. Too bad DW Bistro isn't in Salt Lake. I have a feeling we'd be regulars.

They'd only been open for four weeks, so we were glad we made it! Next time you're in Las Vegas, you need to go to DW Bistro. DW Bistro was the highlight of our Vegas trip. If only every meal could have been as good!

Thanks again, Bryce and Dalton!


diningwith said…
Stew & Lindsey!!

This is so kind of you to bestow DW with the score you did after only being in business such a short time.

And, we had to laugh about the moment of silence for the carrot cake...Dalton laughed for quite a while this morning.

Please come back and dine with us again...happy food travels and we will definitely follow your creative and fun blog!

To Salt Lake City's future DW!

bryce & dalton
Megan said…
Great post. Hope your ears were burning tonight as I just ate at DW tonight with Miss Blonde Designs herself and Bryce popped over to our table and we talked about your DW adventure.
★Nicolle★ said…
Yum! This place sounds (and looks) great!

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