Rating: Pho + Noodle House

We went to Pho Plus on their fourth day of business. We had seen the banner out front and thought it looked good and somewhat stalked them. Lindsey was happy when she saw the open sign driving home from work. After a little research, we learned “Pho” is pronounced “fuh,” and is a Vietnamese beef broth based soup (with various additives).It's hard to spot from State Street and doesn't look like much on the outside, but we were impressed when we walked in. It is small, but feels upscale.
Highest rating to-date!

You could tell the servers were a little inexperienced, as they needed to look at the menu to see what we wanted to order, but they made up for it with friendliness.

Stew ordered the Spicy Orange Chicken Combination Platter. It was $10 and there was so much food!
He loved the soup that came with it (Pho soup, top of the picture), they were really nice and even brought him another bowl (free food=bonus points!). Next time we want to order a bowl of pho for dinner (we saw people around us eating it—huge bowls of deliciousness!). The one thing he thought could have improved the dish was less breading on the chicken.

Lindsey ordered the BBQ Chicken Vermicelli (extra fine noodles) bowl.So good. The spring rolls that came with it were phenomenal! The texture and flavor was incredible and fresh. Next time we go we are getting the spring roll appetizer.

We ordered the Tempura (fried) Ice Cream for dessert.
It was the best fried ice cream we can remember eating. Way better than Blue Iguana's or Los Hermanos' fried ice cream. It tasted fresh, and there was a carmel-y coating on the outside.

Pho Plus was a great dining experience, food-wise and culturally (we ate our meals with chopsticks, go us!). If you are in Northern Utah, you have to try Pho Plus!


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