Rating: Pirate Island Pizza

On Monday, Nate (Stew's brother) and Brooke (his wife) and their family invited us to get dessert with them at Pirate Island Pizza. Of course we said yes! It was nice of them to think of us! Thanks guys!

Here's our rating:

When we first walked in to Pirate Island Pizza, we felt like we were in Disneyland.
The atmosphere was great; the boys were in pirate heaven!
They even give you pirate hats, which the boys also loved!

Nate and Brooke loved them too :)
Brooke, Lochlan, and Rowan ordered a bowl of ice cream. Nate and Ethan ordered the Cookie Ice Cream Medallions.

We ordered the Mariner's Molten Cake (hoping it would be as good as the one we had at Rooster, which it wasn't).Although we didn't order any “food,” we got a feel for the restaurant by seeing what people around us were eating and looking at the menu. We think you'd go to Pirate Island Pizza for the atmosphere, not the food. It would be great for a kid's birthday party. They even have a 24-inch pizza called the Kraken that could serve a crowd (only $34.99). We probably won't go back on by ourselves, but it was fun with kids!


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