Rating: Sweet Afton's Candy Shop

One evening we took a walk over to Gardner Village to feed the ducks. Well, apparently the ducks there are super spoiled and won’t eat our bread (it was even HOMEMADE Italian bread rolls! And if you’re wondering why we were feeding it to the ducks, it’s because we found a spider in the bag. Sad day!).
Anyway, we wandered around and into Sweet Afton’s candy store, in pursuit of fudge (they have unique flavors of AMAZING fudge: jalepeño pepper, Twix, creamsicle, etc. AND they give a free sample). We wandered around the small store (small in size, but packed with candy) and were amused with candy from our childhood, and even more amused with candy from Scotland (also from Stew’s childhood, since his mom is from Scotland). We HAD to buy some, and also got eight snowflake plates on clearance—perfect for winter holidays!

Here's what we got:

Licorice cigars.

Coconut Long Boys (we'd never had this before—pretty good!).

Toffee Crisp, turned out to be different than Stew remembered.

And...SEN-SEN! From Stew's childhood. 

Stew's mom used to give him Sen-Sen in church. Well, Stew gave me some Sen-Sen (first time, mind you), right before we taught our first Sunday School lesson, and it was GROSS!!!! I think I was making a yuck face for the first ten minutes or so. Sen-Sen is NOT for me. ;)

So if you're looking for that old candy from your childhood, or some really great fudge (I even bought a fudge tie for my dad for Father's day!) Sweet Afton's is the place!


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