Rating: Our Little Secret

Stew discovered Our Little Secret: Breads and Desserts, when a sampling of items was brought into his work one day. Our Little Secret specializes in mini bundt cakes and fresh baked bread. They also cater. At work, Stew got an order form for us. We called Michelle and she was so friendly! She even delivered the bundt cakes to Lindsey's work! So here's the rundown:

That's right, 100 points! There were no negatives about this place. The atmosphere was just based on presentation and packaging, since we had them delivered. Michelle put them in a gift bag with a cute “thank you” card attached. They were packaged in cute, perfect sized, plastic containers. The service was great, seeing as Michelle went out of her way to deliver them to Lindsey's work, even though she was also catering a wedding that day! At only $2.65 each, they're a steal!

The first bundt cake (we ordered all three flavors) we tried was the Luscious Lemon (sorry, the pictures don't do these babies justice!).As you bite into this cake, tangy sweet lemon puffs out of the cake, enveloping your mouth with flavor. The frosting is light and fluffy, not hardened at all (Lindsey wants to learn how to make frosting like this). The cake itself is extremely moist and dense, but not too heavy.

Next was the Cinnamon Swirl. This was Lindsey's favorite. It tasted like a moist coffee cake, or a snickerdoodle cookie in cake form. The frosting was creamy and light (like the lemon frosting) and complemented the cake very well.

We saved the Triple Chocolate bundt for last.The chocolate was Stew's favorite. It was chocolate overload—wait, there's no such thing as chocolate overload! This was decadent, without being overly rich.

Yes, we ate all three bundt cakes in one night.

It was so worth it.


Hi! My friend recommend your blog to me and I'm so excited to try some of your recipes! I looked through your restaurant reviews, too, and wondered where I could find Our Little Secret...

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