Rating: Toasters

Yesterday, I (Lindsey) went to the AIGA student portfolio review to get feedback on my portfolio (you can see some pieces here). It was an awesome experience. But that's not what this blog is about. It's about the food! For lunch, my friend Kelli and I found a local deli on 200 South called Toasters and decided to give it a try. The inside was decorated with European knick-knacks (the owners are from somewhere in Europe, I can't remember where). They sell European candy, like Ritter Sport and Toblerone chocolates. The atmosphere is casual and they don't make you think fast while ordering (which is a plus for me!). We both got turkey sandwiches (I know...boring, right?), and they were so delicious! The secret? Balsamic vinegar and fabulous melt-in-your-mouth (wheat) ciabatta bread. Mmmm. Simple sandwich, but done perfectly. And I liked how they let us swap a piece of fruit for the chips.
Here's the rating (new to lindstewfoodies? check out how we rate our restaurants here):

There sandwiches are around $6–7, but they are pretty big, so I think it's a good price. They have salads and soups too! AND I just found out they have baklava. I may have to make a trip back there. Overall, a great place to stop for a great (and quick) lunch. And they have TWO locations in downtown (guess it's a pretty popular place!). Now you have no excuses! :)

Oh, and I like the tagline on their website: eat like you mean it!


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