Swedish (aka Strawberry) Pancakes

This was one of my favorite dinners (we usually ate them for dinner, not breakfast) growing up. Swedish pancakes are really similar to crepes (I think Swedish pancakes are a little thicker than crepes), but I like the flavor and texture better than crepes (the differences I found in recipes were oil instead of butter in crepes, the addition of baking powder and sugar in these, and maybe more salt). With the addition of fresh strawberries, they are called "Strawberry Pancakes" around my house. Add a little orange butter (recipe to follow), a drizzle of maple syrup, and some powdered sugar and you're ready to go (or go into a sugar coma—haha).

I'd never put nutella on Swedish pancakes before, but of course, it was DELISH!

Swedish Pancakes

3 [8]* eggs
1 1/2 [4] cups milk
1 [2 1/2] tsp salt
2 Tbsp [1/4+ cup] oil
1 [2 1/2] Tbsp sugar
3/4 [2] cups flour
1/2 [1 1/4] tsp baking powder

*Note: when making these for our family of five, my mom would use this amount (number shown in [these] brackets)...it's about one-and-a-halfing it. ;)

Combine all ingredients and mix (I usually use my hand blender and do the eggs, milk and oil first—and it's good if the batter is a little lumpy).
Coat any size skillet with cooking spray (we usually have three pans going at once!). Pour batter on to pan, careful not to get it too thick—you can swirl the pan around—but you want them a little thicker than crepes. Cook on medium heat until edges begin to curl up and it lifts easily with a spatula. Flip and cook until golden and deliciously brown. Makes thin pancakes.
Then top to your heart's desire! Orange butter (below), strawberries, maple syrup, nutella, powdered sugar, cinnamon, bananas, whipped cream...you get the idea!

Orange Butter:
Combine a few spoonfuls of frozen orange juice concentrate, a couple tablespoons of butter, and a spoonful or more of water (you don't want it too thick). Microwave for a minute, then stir. Continue doing this until it is all melted. Serve warm over pancakes or waffles!

Now that's a breakfast worthy to be eaten at dinner! :)


Erika Peterson said…
I grew up eating Swedish pancakes too! They are also great with lingonberries or homemade syrup!

Your blog is great and makes me hungry! :)
Deborah said…
I don't think I've ever had Swedish pancakes, but I sure do want to try them now!

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