Rating (but not really): Hi-Mountain Drug

We were up in Kamas, Utah for the 24th of July weekend, and while we were in town Saturday afternoon we decided we needed a cool treat. We headed to Hi-Mountain Drug, a locally-owned drugstore/diner that has won awards for their burgers and shakes! Go Kamas!

[photo courtesy of flickr]

This isn't a full-on review, but we just wanted to give a shout-out to Hi-Mountain because we were REALLY impressed with the shakes!
I got the raspberry pretzel jello salad shake (I know, what?! It's like the "Utah" dessert with raspberry jello, pretzels, and cream). In the shake there were pretzels, actual cream cheese, and FRESH raspberries. Sounds odd, but salty and sweet are where it's at! It was honestly one of the BEST shakes I've ever had, and worth every penny (and calorie!).
Stew ordered the key lime shake, which we saw the juice of TWO WHOLE fresh limes being squeezed into! Top it off with some 'Nilla Wafers and you've got a great shake! It was really tart and delicious!

Next time (or the first time) you're in Kamas, stop at Hi-Mountain and get a shake!


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