Rating: New Thai Cafe

There's a little hole-in-the-wall (but a nice new hole-in-the-wall) Thai restaurant really close to our house (on 7800 South, west of I-15) called New Thai Cafe (as opposed to Old Thai Cafe?). Stew went there for work a couple months ago, and then raved about it and took me that same week. He's been back several times for work, and I've been twice now, and we finally remembered to take pictures so we could "review" the restaurant. It's one of our favorite restaurants right now!

The restaurant itself is pretty small, with maybe 15 tables. They've decorated it really nice though (for a hole-in-the-wall place), with expensive chandeliers we recognized from ZGallerie, and Thai "art" on the walls. The owners (husband and wife, from Thailand or somewhere in Asia) take the orders, and it almost seems like they cook the food too! Soon after you order, you hear chopping, a sizzle or two, and smell your dish being cooked. They bring it out to you before you know it, and the dishes always look so fresh and beautiful!

I ordered a stir fry dish with lots of veggies (I think it was called Pad Puk). It was $8.95, and totally worth it—look at all the food! It was delicious!

Stew ordered the spicy yellow curry (on most of the dishes you can specify the heat). The curry sauce in the yellow curry (and every curry for that matter) is DIVINE! If you like curry, you'll LOVE their curry. This dish was also $8.95. Huge portions for the price!

Here's how we rated New Thai Cafe:

Definitely going back again! If you decide to eat at New Thai Cafe, give us a call and we'll join you!


No...I REALLY LOVE THIS RESTAURANT!! I'm a big guy with a big appetite...and these dishes fill me up! So delicious and the presentation is amazing. I also love the old lady that waits the tables...she ALWAYS has a smile on her face.
★Nicolle★ said…
Oh yay a new Thai place! I'm so excited to try it, Thai is one of my faves!

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