Thanksgiving Must-Haves

Whoa—time is flying by. One minute I find out I'm pregnant, the next I'm getting a (small) belly and have neglected this food blog for months! I am SO sorry and will really try to be better!!

I haven't been too adventurous trying new recipes lately (now that things finally sound good again, I can't eat very spicy foods unless I want heartburn), but I do have a few recipes to share.

What are your family's Thanksgiving dinner must-haves? You know, the things you have every year, made the same way, and just love them (even though they might not be the most extravagant foods).

Here's my list, that might also help the procrastinator who is putting Thanksgiving dinner together ;)

  • Turkey (duh)- simple and roasted in the oven
  • Stuffing (another duh)- my Aunt Mara makes the BEST homemade stuffing ever. Recipe (hopefully) coming soon!
  • Sweet Potatoes/Yams- with marshmallows (old school style) or carmelized nuts on top!
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy- basic but sooo yummy!
  • Rolls- I love when we make these rolls for Thanksgiving! So festive!!
  • Cranberry sauce- honestly, I could probably do without it, but always put a little dot on my plate because it's festive. I need to find a good recipe. Do you go with canned or homemade?
  • Green Beans with Almondsthis recipe looks absolutely divine
  • Veggie Platter- you know, for all the snacking and chatting while everyone is getting things ready
Desserts have their own list :)
  • PUMPKIN PIE- this is a must have!! And lots of it! You can't run out of pumpkin pie!
  • Apple pie- I made a GREAT caramel apple pie last year. I'll post the recipe soon!
  • Banana Cream Pie- totally not a Thanksgiving food, but my mom makes it almost every year, and I always take a slice (one- because I love it and two- because it's on the better-for-you side). Recipe here.
  • Pecan Pie- this wasn't a must-have for me until I made this bittersweet chocolate pecan pie...and I'm making it again this year!
  • Any other kind of dessert, really- this includes but is not limited to: cherry pie, chocolate pie, haupia pie, cheesecake (ooh! ooh! pumpkin cheesecake!!!), pumpkin blondies, pumpkin crunch, ice cream, cookies, and cookies
So just to recap (for myself) the recipes I will be posting asap:
  • Aunt Mara's stuffing recipe (if she'll give it to me!)
  • A good cranberry sauce recipe (if you have one, let me know!)
  • Caramel apple pie
That should keep me busy for a while! ;)

What are the foods you just HAVE to have at Thanksgiving dinner?


Bre said…
I'm going to be making a sweet potato souffle which is AMAZING! seriously, best sweet potato dish ever and so simple. If you want the recipe, it's on my blog
Wow that sounds like dessert!! I'll have to try it! :) Thanks!

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