Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Julie & Julia

Okay, can I just say how excited I am for this show?? (This is Lindsey by the way, but Stew's excited too)
I love movies about cooking (No Reservations, Ratatouille) and this one has some great actors in it, so I have high hopes! Being a graphic designer, I also really love the movie's website. The website even has recipes! They look a little extravagant, so I don't know that I'll be trying them anytime soon, but they sound good!
Can't wait! Is anyone else looking forward to this movie??


Maggie said...

I want to see it! I have a feeling if I were still in Provo and if we were still roommates we would be seeing this together!

IzeOfLight said...

Part of me is, and part of me isn't. I actually really don't like both Meryl Streep or Amy Adams. I should probably duck now, but whatever. I AM, however, super excited about the food aspect (I also LOVE No Reservations and Ratatouille!); I also read a part-review/part-interview with the director that talked about how unique this film is in that it depicts two healthy, stable, happy marriages in a really good light. That's unbelievably rare in Hollywood, and I want to support that!

lisa said...

saw it and loved it! and then when we got back that night, we watched ratatouille in bed (til we fell asleep)

Good shows.

Lorie said...

Loved this movie!! Fantastic. I think Meryl Streep was amazing and the whole thing made me hungry

IzeOfLight said...

Okay, so now I've seen the movie. I LOVED it! Very cute, very fun, and the food looked SO good. I went with too empty of a stomach, so the food looked extra, extra good. The movie was a blast!

Emily said...

If you liked No Reservations, you should watch the movie it was based off originally called Mostly Martha. It is German and has subtitles, but it really well done, fun, and so much more believable. Catherine Zeta Jones in the kitchen? The chef is ridiculously attractive? I don't think so. Check it out and see what you think. I loved it!