Rating: Magleby's

Stew's parents were in town this weekend, and we all went out to dinner at Magleby's (in the Shops at Riverwoods). A lot of people have probably already eaten here, but they're running a 30th Anniversary special right now, featuring their 1979 Menu and Prices! We all ordered off of the 1979 menu (there are about six or seven dishes to choose from).

Stew ordered the Surf and Turf (steak and shrimp) for only $15!
Lindsey ordered a salad and bowl of soup (saving room for dessert!) for only $3.25.

And Stew's parents both ordered the Chicken Parmesan with alfredo sauce for around $7!

We HAD to order dessert!
We got the Buttermilk Pie with raspberries, and the famous Chocolate Cake.

Magleby's has a good atmosphere. The service was pretty good, but the waiter only brought us three “breadsticks”!We call these rolls. Magleby's calls them breadsticks. Why?? We thought breadsticks were sticks of bread...these are oblong rolls...hm...

What do you think: rolls or breadsticks?

Getting back to the review: We rated the pricing so high because we ordered off the 1979 menu. Too bad desserts aren't on that menu (they are pretty expensive, but worth it!). The presentation, food, taste, and creativity were all pretty standard.
The 1979 Menu and Pricing is for August only!! We think we're going to go back for lunch. They had a Rueben sandwich and BLT on the menu for under $4!


janica said…
oh wow, I'm totally taking Seth there or just going by myself;)

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