Rating: Lion House

Yesterday was Lindsey’s grandparents’ 50th Anniversary. The “marrieds” (we’re in this group now, yeah!!) were invited to dinner at the Lion House at Temple Square! We had a private banquet room for the party, with a buffet just for us! We made sure to sit at the table closest to the buffet (oink, oink)!

Here's what was at the buffet (plus a little more we got on a second trip): fruit, a yummy salad, carrots that made eating carrots fun (Stew said that), green beans, rice pilaf, lemony chicken, mashed potatoes, roast beef (not pictured). Standard buffet food, but it was all tasty!

This raspberry pie was one of the desserts. Not our favorite, but good.
Next favorite dessert: the carrot cake. Serious yum going on in this cake!
Saved the BEST for last. You can tell it's good because we didn't even get a picture before we'd eaten half of it! It was like a homemade Hostess cupcake! So moist and delicious, with FUDGE for frosting. It was not frosting, we swear...it was FUDGE. What a great idea, why didn't we think of that before??

Here's the group. Happy 50th Grandma & Grandpa! We love you!
Fun side note: Grandpa surprised Grandma with a brand new Ford Fusion after dinner!


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