Rating: Bear Paw Cafe

We were in St. George this weekend and were excited to try the Bear Paw Cafe on Main St. because we had heard good things about it. They are famous for breakfast and serve it all day, but we went to lunch (Stew's dad came along with us).

This restaurant really feels like a cafe that's past its prime, with dark lighting, ugly upholstered chairs and walls lined with old Native American art (we're not dissing Native American art, but we think the cafe could use a makeover). The food came out fast, but the waitress (if that's what you could call her) was ditzy, didn't have an opinion on the food, and was not very friendly. The food was average: nothing fun with the presentation, and we think the pancakes Lindsey makes taste better than the ones Stew ordered (the classic Bear Paw pancakes).

Stew's dad ordered the fish and chips, and they were average. Lindsey ordered what she thought was the most popular panini on the menu, because it had “Bear Paw” in the name. The sandwich had a lot of vegetables, but it was very greasy. The bread was soggy with pesto and olive oil. It could have been very tasty, but sadly was not.
We were excited to try the Bear Paw Cafe, and maybe we just had a rare bad experience, but we wish we would have gone to Twentyfive Main Cafe and Cupcakes instead!


Amanda said…
I can't believe you didn't like it! I've never eaten lunch there, though, only breakfast. I usually get eggs of some kind and hot chocolate, so sorry you had a bad experience. It's usually really good notwithstanding the Native American art.

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