Rating: Blue Iguana

For Lindsey's birthday (just before our wedding, so it kind of got looked over), Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlain took us out to dinner, our choice. We decided to go to Blue Iguana in downtown Salt Lake City (we've also been to Red Iguana, which also has great food, but we think Blue Iguana has a better atmosphere). We'd been to Blue Iguana once before and had a great experience and wanted to try it again.
Blue Iguana looks a little shady as you enter. There are quite a few alcoholic beverage signs on the outside, but it is somewhat family friendly.

The atmosphere is fun and Mexican, with orange walls, art everywhere, and festive music. Our service wasn't as good this time as the first time we went, guess it just depends on the server.
The chips and salsa (free) at Blue Iguana are great! The salsa has a kick to it; we ate a lot!

Lindsey ordered two chicken tacos. Full of flavor and delicious!
The serving sizes are fairly large, as you can see by Stew's Steak Encebollado (10-oz steak topped with sautéed onions).
Grandma ordered a cheese quesadilla and Grandpa ordered a chicken quesadilla. Yum yum!
And for dessert we got Fried Ice Cream. It was average (but average for dessert is still yummy!).
Thanks for the fun dinner Grandma and Grandpa!


Nate The Skate said…
We ate here on our anniversary last year. It was awesome.
Jenn said…
Stew, I've got to be honest with you. If you like the Blue Iguana, you'll love the Red Iguana (also in downtown SLC).

I love your blog, but I always seem to check it while I'm hungry at work...
Jenn said…
I didn't write that correctly—sorry. I can't believe you don't love the Red Iguana, which has, in my opinion, much better food!
Jenn as stated in the blog, we like BOTH places BUT we like the Blue Iguana's atmosphere better.


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